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Healthier Children with Chiropractic

"Chiropractic care for my child? Why? Her back doesn't bother her." Many parents appreciate the importance of regular checkups for their children's teeth, hearing and vision but draw a blank when it comes to a chiropractic spinal structure checkup. A chiropractic checkup could be one of the most important a child will ever have. The spine and structural system protect billions of nerve fibers that send messages and energy to every part of their bodies. If there is a blockage/interference of any of the nerves in the body, any nerve damage at all, then a state of "dis-ease" can develop. Dis-ease is a state of disharmony in the body which can lead to lowered resistance to disease, organ malfunction (including brain malfunction), sickness and disease. Interference to the nerves of the spine and structural system is usually caused by subtle structural distortions that are known as subluxations. How can a child's body lose its natural alignment and develop subluxations? Subluxation damage can be caused by a constricted uterus, a breech presentation or a difficult delivery. Health problems in childhood or even adulthood have been traced back to spine and structural damage at birth. Toddlerhood through childhood is a very physical time. Those first hesitant steps soon evolve into jumping, running, falls and accidents which are all a part of a normal childhood. While most falls are minor, at times they cause nerve-damaging subluxations with serious long-term consequences. For that reason all children need periodic chiropractic checkups. It is not unusual to hear parents state that since starting chiropractic care their children get sick less frequently, less severely, have fewer ear infections and take less antibiotics and other drugs than their classmates. For decades parents, clinicians and researchers have noticed positive changes in the physical, behavioural and emotional health of children under chiropractic care. Dr. Stephen M. Barker B.Sc., D.C. Brantford Chiropractic Associates - As the twig is bent, so grows the tree . -


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Neurological Endorsement of Chiropractic

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